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Why Good Employees Leave and How to Change to Keep Them

Published: June 16, 2017

Few things are as costly and uncomfortable for managers to face than disgruntled and quitting employees. The problem is that they fail to see that the problem lies with them. People don’t leave jobs – they leave those managing them. So if you want to increase your company’s retention rate, you need to take a good hard look at your management style.

The good news is that you can prevent them from leaving by addressing management issues and people management issues such as:

Finding out what motivates them

Your best employees leave simply because they can but you can nip this in the bud by watching out for signs. Things such as taking more days off than they normally do or coming late and leaving early can point to low morale. To prevent this mood from setting in, you need to keep your employees engaged and figure out what motivates them.

By hearing them out

The best employees feel demotivated when they feel they aren’t being heard or their contributions are ignored in the workplace. These are usually ones who are not praised enough or recognized for their roles in achieving company goals. To keep them motivated, you need to praise them for their work and encourage them in equal measure. Talking to them face to face can give you a better perspective on their emotional and professional needs.

By allowing them to explore

Valuable employees are creative individuals who thrive in an open work space. If they are allowed opportunities to practice their passion, they can reveal more about your business than even you know. This includes new revenue generating practices, new marketing techniques and even untapped profitable markets. If they are prevented from contributing this way or told their passions don’t matter, most leave for companies that appreciate their individuality.

By developing their skills

Good managers can manage any type of employee that is assigned to their teams. If you are not attentive to their needs, then the fault lies with you, not them. In order to bring out the best in them, you need to pay constant attention their needs and ensure they have the tools and resources to develop their individual skills. Talented employees thrive on feedback and if it is not provided regularly, they will switch to companies that can.

By respecting them

Employees that feel they are respected in the workplace stay and for years. Think about it – if they know that their contributions and hard work are appreciated and respected, they automatically have a reason to remain. You can contribute to that by using a respectful tone while talking to them. If their dignity is compromised in any way they may leave or try to exact revenge.

An easy to use employee scheduling software can take care of most of the issues but face to face meetings and a cordial management style will also compel talented employees to stay. As the manager, your job is to ensure that they like and respect you in turn without feeling forced.

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