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What Can HR Software Do For Your Business?

Published: December 17, 2018

Your workforce are your most important asset, but HR support is more complicated in some industries than others. In industries like manufacturing, construction and logistics, workforces are likely to be large, working across multiple sites and perhaps in different regulatory areas. For HR teams, pooling all that data is a huge administrative task. Addressing training and development needs and schedules become time-consuming and inefficient.

But by using powerful HR software, you can bring efficiency and cost-savings to your HR, allowing your key personnel to spend more time addressing the needs and engaging with your staff, developing leaders and spotting early warning signs of problems ahead.

Here are 3 benefits to using HR software in your company:


Keeping central and secure HR data

Clear and easy-to-use HR software gives HR teams and the wider workforce access to a digital portal where everything is central. An archaic world of spreadsheets, paper filing systems and paper in-and-out-trays should send a shiver down any spine. With a cloud-based system, everything is kept secure, backed-up regularly and offers access those who need it. Staff can upload their personal details like next of kin, addresses and contact numbers, a job that HR used to have to do manually. When bolted on to other software tools like time and attendance, payroll and access control, your business can develop a hi-tech and multi-functioning workforce management solution.


Keeping track of training and development

While training offers personal career path development for some, for many businesses there are compliance issues to take into account. In the logistics industry, for example, regulations are always changing. Your staff need to be trained fast in order to stay compliant. Powerful, centralized HR software allows your teams to schedule training, giving real-time information about who has undertaken it, which is essential if you have employees across multiple sites.


Custom dashboard and reports

Good HR software will allow companies to tailor the dashboard for their bespoke needs. HR teams can then dictate what reports they want to pull from the system and reports can be generated at the touch of a button, allowing management to have access to real-time data that makes for fast decision-making and cost efficiencies. This is particularly useful in industries like construction and manufacturing, where staff will need to be compliant with training regulations – HR staff can run fast reports on when employees training runs out, and strategically plan for future training.


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