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The Rise of Freelancers: How They Can Benefit Your Business

Published: September 22, 2016

Whether you deem it the result of the last recession or the chance for workers to be their own boss, the rise of the freelancers is sweeping the marketplace, where many sites like 99designs and Craigslist are becoming a hub for people, who like working in the comfort of their own homes with flexible time schedules. The freelancing community and opportunities have grown in the last few decades by a tenfold and the millennials are showering their love on it.

The reason for that is inevitably the chance to set their own pace for a project and to work on their own schedules and choose the assignments that they like. The newer generation thinks that freelancing is the best strategy for a consistent income stream, especially if they have no true love for building a career out of one field or job stream. The newer generation finds it easier to freelance, as they don’t believe in working for one kind of employer doing the same kind of work for the entirety of their lives.

A few years ago freelancing was synonymous with being unemployed. However, it is no longer being compared to a part-time or temporary solution. Skilled people and professionals are being attracted to the freelance work, like moths to a flame, and even the Fortune 500 companies are teaming with them to embrace an on-demand labour mode, enabling professional and operational flexibility, financial independence and priming them for global competition.

With freelancing, companies can use HR management strategies and remote time and attendance software and time management systems to track the employees or freelancers that are remotely working for the company. They can sample the best talent from the pool of freelancers, without worrying about the recruitment issues, immigration, and other legalities. The gig economy or the freelancing culture feeds on the rating criteria that temper the employer’s expectations from their remote employees.
With the internet and technological innovations in full swing, working remotely is no longer a pain for the employers as they can easily track the freelancers with the help of employee tracking software or automated attendance systems designed to track and monitor employees remotely. The smartphones, internet, higher bandwidths, and other tech advancements have made it easier for companies to benefit from the gig economy currently booming by forming connections all over the world.

Especially the businesses that deal with digital marketing, writing, web and app development, animation and graphic designing can benefit greatly from the freelancers who can be connected to the permanent workplace with the project management tools and systems, providing a radical shift to the job market. With lower costs, better quality of work, a newer and fresh perspective can help your business grow. The whole world will be in the palm of your hand.

All you will need to accomplish is choosing a respective freelancer for a job, thoroughly checking their portfolio and tracking them with a task management software. Connecting with the rest of the world will be the best way to cut extraneous expenses and to include freelancers in your business as a handy and helpful commodity.

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