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How to analyze your workforce management challenges

Published: March 12, 2018

At a certain point, company growth reaches a point where HR management becomes a crucial factor that can make or break the enterprise. Poorly managed workers are not performing up to their abilities, so recognizing key challenges early and responding to them decisively is a priority. Since workforce management tends to be complex in large organizations, it may be a good idea to think about it as a series of related issues rather than a single block that must be resolved at once. Here are some of the areas that deserve attention whenever you are thinking about improving your HR situation:

Financial reimbursement

The most prudent policy is to pay for performance, but in many industries it may not be obvious which workers are pulling their weight and which are constantly falling behind. Introducing assessment procedures and performance tracking techniques is a good way to learn about that, even if every company should adjust the methodology to realistic needs in its industry. Payroll management is another area that can potentially cause complication if it’s not administered exactly. Use of HR software can help to alleviate some of the issues related to financial reimbursement of employees and regular transfer of salaries and other budget items.

Hiring practices


Smart companies discuss their hiring policies and have strategic guidelines for HR professionals who are conducting the interviews. For example, it sometimes makes sense to focus on candidates with a specific skill set, or those that fit a certain profile. It is also very important to stay in compliance with federal mandates on fair hiring practices and provide equal opportunities to women and minorities. Having a clear and well-defined recruitment strategy makes it possible to identify the most optimal candidates early and to avoid costly personnel mistakes.

Attendance monitoring

Recording attendance for all employees on a daily level can become a burden if the company employs hundreds of workers in multiple locations. In response to this difficulty, companies are adopting automated timekeeping systems based on software applications. In this way, the management can have a more accurate overview of the workforce and its utilization, sending additional workers to strengthen the weakest points of the network. In addition to more impartial tracking of daily arrivals to work, automation also liberates HR professionals to focus their attention on other duties and allows for much more convenient and comprehensive analytic operations on employee attendance data.


Productivity management

It’s not enough for the employees to be physically present at the office, they need to perform at a high level in order for the employer to receive fair value for his money. Estimating the contributions of each worker is a delicate matter and requires a lot of experience in combination with the latest analytic tools. There are multiple factors that impact productivity, from employee satisfaction and motivation to optimal internal organization, and their mutual interaction can be difficult to predict. For this reason, productivity management is one area where businesses can truly benefit from external training.

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