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Getting the Workforce Motivated After the Summer Season

Published: September 8, 2017

The vision of coming back to the office after spending one’s holidays and the imminent reality of it, don’t really have much in common. While you may expect your employees to be mentally fresh and ready, with boundless energy, to take up the assigned responsibilities of your business, also with added motivation, the reality might differ and disappoint you significantly.

However, sometimes, to keep your staff motivated and to expect them to take up the assign tasks efficiently, the management has to take the first step.

So, how do you really bring your employees out of the post-vacation crush and make them hang on to the fresh mindset indeed?

To answer the question: by actively planning their return to the office!

While this planning can be done in a lot of ways, let us share with you some tips to keep your staff motivated after the summer holidays.

Set up a team meeting and discuss priorities

As the foremost thing, once your employees return to the office after their summer holidays, managers should set up a short team meeting with the employees. This team meeting is important to get back together and to make up their mind for the upcoming responsibilities, along with sharing the holiday experiences.

This will help the managers in bringing back the focus of their employees. Also, managers can also take this opportunity to discuss the planned work but it should be onlyon the basis of priority.

Don’t over commit

It is obvious that once the employees are back, they will be faced with a full inbox and many incomplete tasks, at their desks, to deal with. Hence, do not over commit your staff with new projects or meetings. Assigning too much work, in the very first week of returning to the office, can exhaust the employees’ motivation and bring a negative impact on their work quality. The best method is to let them work accurately and carefully to finish one project well, instead of six projects badly.

Offer some new incentives

Another effective way of regaining the focus and motivation of employees, and to combat their post-holiday doldrums, is to offer them something new. These new offerings can be some recognitions, incentives or competition promoting activities. While incentives do not always mean financial incentives, they can be offered in the form of a half day, an afternoon off, a token of appreciation or even a handwritten note by the Director, appreciating and recognizing the hard work, dedication and strong performance of the employee.

Plan out a dinner or another activity

Just because your employees have recently come back from the summer holidays does not mean that there shouldn’t be any activity or official outing panned ahead. When it’s about motivating employees, the little things can go a long way, serving as an additional incentive for the employees’ motivation. Hence, arrange an activity after office hours. This could be a formal dinner, to catch up after the summer break, or activities like boating or crabbing etc.

There is nothing better than having a motivated, driven and engaged workforce to work for the betterment of your company. Therefore, make sure you make the most of your employees’ fresh minds, after the summer holidays, and drive them in the right direction by welcoming them back to the office, smartly!

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