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Best Staff Holiday Events

Published: December 9, 2016

December is undoubtedly the most happening time of the year for all organizations. Although the end of the year is fast approaching and the various operational teams are busy working overtime, it is a good idea to take advantage of the seasonal holidays and put up some exciting events to break the monotony of the end-of-the-year hustle.

A staff holiday event does not essentially have to be a fancy or an extravagant affair. Small ideas which are carefully planned and executed will create just the right impact. Although holiday events at the workplace are often adjudged as a nightmare due to their poor planning and inefficacy, this can be taken as just the right opportunity to let your workforce socialize, mingle, and come back to work all happy and motivated after the holidays.

It is about time you start prepping up for this year’s holiday event. Here, we are going to share some cool ideas to incorporate into your planning and put up a grand show this year round. Read on.

Go for a Theme

Themed parties are the new fad and a good way to get your employees all excited for the D-day. You may conduct a pre-event poll to choose the most desired theme. This will make them even more excited and more people will turn up in the themed attire and costumes. Make sure that the theme you choose isn’t too formal or too complex to follow.

Random Seating Arrangement

Foster networking and professional relationships by making a random seating arrangement. Create color tags for each unit of the organization or write employee names on the tags and place them randomly on the seats. This will allow the employees from different department mingle and know each other.

Food and Drinks

All is well that ‘tastes’ well. No matter how much you entertain your guests and put up an amazing show, people will always judge the event based on the food and drinks you serve. Sift through a variety of catering options and go with the most feasible and reliable choice. Conduct thorough menu planning and ensure that it is extensive, with ample food and drink varieties for your guests to choose from, and has something for people of all tastes and preferences.

Plan Some Fun Activities

Let your employees flaunt their crazy side. Plan some games and interactive activities. This will break the ice of formality and will instantly engulf the guests with friendly warmth.

Present a Small Gift or Keepsake Before Calling it a Day
People love surprises and gifts; they love it more when both come in a combination. Arrange small corporate gifts or keepsakes and present them to all employees at the end of the event as a memento of the day.

Don’t Miss the Photo Booth

Set up a fancy photo booth with a professional photographer and prop it up to gauge people’s attention. All we need is a good profile picture at the end of the day. Allow your employees to get into the spirit and seize the day’s fun and frolic into amazing photos to serve as memories of the day.

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