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How to create an Accountable Workplace

Published: June 5, 2017

Managers who avoid accountability or do not ask for it from their employees fail their teams. Confrontations are inevitable in any work environment and avoiding them will only make your employees lose confidence in your leadership skills.

Think about it. If your employees don’t know what they are doing wrong, how will they know how they can improve. A lack of accountability will make them believe they are doing well even if they aren’t and you will hear about it during their performance meetings. For example, a sales rep who isn’t meeting targets may feel more discouraged if he/she is not encouraged to do better. If things are allowed to fester like this, you will be looking at low retention rates.

The good news is that you can create an accountable workplace if you have the right elements in place. The following are some that you can use:

Define each employee’s role in the company so that they know exactly what is expected of them. Workers who have a clear path to follow to expected results work harder but only if the results satisfy. In order to make a team accountable, you need to encourage each member to learn new skills and take on new roles to grow. Asking them what they learned through each will keep them on their toes and motivated to grow on their own.

Engender a sense of ownership in team results by focusing on the processes involved. This includes determining if employees are invested in projects, what they need to complete tasks, how they are working towards goals, if they are effective etc. Each member of your team should be given feedback so that they can remain proactive without feeling forced.

Giving continuous feedback will do two things – it will let your employees know what they need to improve and keep them aware that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. This will make them more accountable for their actions not to mention motivated enough to remain proactive. This kind of work environment creates flow which is invaluable to a developing company.

Your employees cannot give you the results you need if they do not have the necessary tools. Whether you need them to collect data, deal with a complicated client request or make crucial business decisions on your behalf, you have to give them resources they can use to do a good job.

Keeping employees productive is your managerial duty – keeping them motivated is your job as a leader. Ensuring they know their hard work is not being ignored will go a long way to keep them accountable in the workplace. For instance, a customizable employee attendance program can allow you to give them flexible hours on their behest and measure their performance accordingly as well. In addition, keeping yourself accountable for their performance will also aid in this – if employees know that you are rooting for them and have their best interests at heart, they will work twice as hard to meet company goals.

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