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Biometric time and attendance

No forgotten or lost cards or fobs. A biometric time and attendance system uses biometric features to positively identify a user and processes an accurate timekeeping record for that individual.

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Eliminate buddy punching

Fraudulent clocking is where one employee clocks on for another which can cost companies around 2.2% of their gross payroll. By using a biometric time clock this eliminates other employees being able to clock-in for colleagues, providing you accurate time and attendance records.

Fingerprint time and attendance

Hard working terminals for any environment

Regardless of which biometric technology is chosen, it must work reliably under real world conditions.

Many people believe that biometric fingerprint scanners won’t work with dirty, greasy or wet hands, in addition to hot or cold environments. Our biometric scanners utilise Multispectral Imaging – which takes unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin.

This subsurface information is unaffected by skin damage and other environmental factors ensuring your employees can always clock in.

Safe and secure

Our biometric clocking terminal only saves a mathematical representation of the fingerprint and then reproduces this as a template.

The template is then checked against those stored by the reader, for a possible match. If one is found, the employee’s registration is accepted - otherwise it is rejected.

Contrary to popular belief, this biometric template cannot be reconstructed back to the original fingerprint image and is completely different to the fingerprint information stored, for example, by Police or Corrective Services.

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Accurate records and in-depth reports

Not only will you be able to achieve complete trust in your employee’s attendance records our time and attendance system provides much more. From real-time productivity reporting, vacation planning and advanced workforce scheduling – we’ve designed a system to save you time.

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