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Benefits of Web-Based Time Tracking

Published: April 6, 2017

The advancing technology has transformed the conventional patterns of organizational working and operations and has brought in certain tools and applications that have automated a variety of tasks, enhanced efficiency and leveraged the magnitude of benefits and returns.

Here’s an insight into some of the many benefits of a web-based time tracking systems and how it has transformed the entire process of time and attendance tracking employees.

Optimized Efficiency

A web-based time tracking system operates on online and digital paradigms and allows the employees to mark their attendance and other work-related time entries by logging into the system through their user ID. This is an instant process and does not require a timekeeper or supervisor to make the entries or endorse or grant authentication.

This minimizes a huge load of regular redundant tasks and saves a considerable amount of time that would otherwise go down the drain. This time can be allocated to more productive tasks such as morning scrums meetings, skill analysis or invested in employee training and counseling.

Remote Employee Management

Web-based work portals and time and attendance systems have made it convenient for the organizations to seek top talent from across the globe. Similarly, it has also allowed the organizations to offer a certain extent of flexibility in their job designs.

For instance, many organizations are now offering their employee to work from home or any other remote location, if they cannot make it to the workplace for any reason. This has significantly reduced absenteeism and is making it convenient for the employees to manage their work, study or personal lives in tandem.

Better Employee Management

The web-based time tracking system has automated the routine task of time and attendance recording and no more required the timekeepers, supervisors or focal persons to make manual entries on their own for each individual employee. In addition to that, it makes an automated record of work hours of the regular workforce, as well as the temporary employees and those who do not work for traditional hours.

The web-based time tracking system does not only record the attendance and work hours, it also provides the employers and the managers to gain a realistic insight into the strength of the workforce present at any given instance of the day, thus making it convenient for them to plan work and assign tasks accordingly.

Instant and Automated Payroll Generation

The web-based time tracking system removes hassle out of certain exasperating such as wage and hour calculation and monthly payroll generation. The system keeps a fair and accurate record of attendance and work hours of each employee. This record is used to automatically calculate the wage, including the overtimes and allowances if applicable, make due remittances and issue an error-free payroll.

Compatible with Growing Business Needs

The prime purpose of a business organization is to leverage their profits and seek growth. Whether it is the market leader or an incubating business venture, business organizations are constantly seeking ways to grow and expand their domain of operations.

The web-based time tracking system possesses an immense capability to cope with the changing and increasing needs of the organization and can efficiently manage the time tracking, work and task scheduling and payroll generations for a huge, diverse and extensive workforce.

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