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5 ways to use HR software efficiently

Published: February 2, 2018

Digitalization of the human resources sector is well-underway, with most mid-sized or larger companies in Canada using some software tools to hire and manage their workforce. While the awareness of the importance of data-based HR is at an all time high, many enterprises still lack full understanding how to use digital assets to their benefit. Modern technology can’t bring tangible improvements unless it’s used consistently and strategically, which is why it’s crucial to educate key decision makers and HR practitioners regarding the capacities of new software packages.

This list of practical ways to use HR software can serve as guidance to HR professionals and allow them to accomplish more with the same amount of available assets:


It goes without saying that recruiting is the most critical area of corporate HR, since good workers are hard to come by in the current marketplace. It is also one of the areas where information technology can deliver the most immediate results, allowing the company to quickly identify and interview the most suitable candidates from a wider geographic area. Video interviewing is becoming a trend in Canada, as it reduces the operational costs while allowing the company to interview more candidates.

Performance tracking

HR solutions provide a fair and impartial framework for assessing work performance of individuals and teams. This can include simple attendance tracking or more sophisticated metrics specific for a certain business field. Most leading solutions allow for extensive customization and come equipped with analytic tools that allow simple insight into workforce trends. Data collected in this way can be used to determine which employees should be rewarded or promoted, and which teams need to step up their efforts.

Internal communication

Quite often, HR professionals have to play the peacemaker role, intervening between different departments that don’t see eye to eye. The need for emergency mediation can be reduced if the internal communication flow within the company is improved. HR solutions of the latest generation have a social networking dimension and allow direct contact between employees from various parts of the company, facilitating a spirit of unity and mutual understanding.

Task scheduling and automation

Inefficient use of available human and material resources is very costly, so even a moderate boost can be clearly felt on the bottom line. HR managers can greatly contribute to company fortunes by assigning appropriate tasks to all employees, with respect to current needs. Software tools can be used to keep each employee’s workload at an optimal level and prevent any assets from standing idle while another team desperately needs them.

Payroll management

Administrative duties account for a solid share of the time HR professionals spend, so it’s another area where more efficient procedures are sorely needed. For this reason, it is important that any HR solution deployed by the company contains a module for payroll automation. This functionality frees up the available HR personnel to focus on recruitment and interpersonal relations, while accurate calculation of salaries and bonuses is conducted automatically based on predefined parameters.

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