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Yearsley Group – the UK’s largest provider of supply chain solutions in the frozen sector – has been a client of Mitrefinch’s since 2000. The company has been using Mitrefinch’s time management system (TMS) since 2000 and has recently upgraded to TMS 8. It has also used Mitrefinch’s payroll solution, Flexipay, since 2002.

Yearsley first started using Flexipay in April 2002 when it moved from a homemade AS400 solution. Everything was being entered and sent to HMRC manually.

Stuart Carroll, payroll and systems manager at Yearsley Group says: “Flexipay initially saved us from a lot of tax and NI calculation. We used it to collate all the information we needed to send to HMRC and it offered check reports to cut down on wage queries, although everything else was still very manual.

“Over the following few years, with Mitrefinch’s help, we put together a report to export most of the basic data we needed from the clock cards over into Flexipay, which has pretty much eradicated manual input. Since then we have kept up with the upgrades, got all of our 13 sites clocking in using the system and upgraded our TMS export to take things into account, such as, average pay/hours for four-on-four-off staff and shift premiums for various shifts – all with differing rules depending on which site and department the employee works from. It means that we’ve cut the four hours of manual data entry each week in half! We now spend two hours each week checking the system to reduce queries, ultimately saving us a further two to three hours per week. “In the last few years, Flexipay has kept up with the times admirably, overcoming new obstacles with new things including RTI, online payslips and processing P11Ds. This year we’re looking forward to using Flexipay’s built-in gender pay gap reports, to help us comply with the new legislation in April.”

Employee self-service solution
In 2015 the business identified the need for a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution regarding payroll documentation and HR processes. Mitrefinch’s Employee Self-Service solution fit the bill perfectly, and throughout 2015 and 2016, Mitrefinch integrated the solution across the business, which has helped streamline the HR and payroll departments’ workloads.

Stuart says: “With more than 1,400 employees receiving weekly paper payslips and annual P60s, we were aware that having a paper payroll was costing the business significantly in printing, paper costs and postage so we were keen to achieve a fully paperless payroll by January 2017. In addition, we wanted to improve profitability, efficiencies and productivity across the business and tasked Mitrefinch with providing a more cost-efficient way of organising HR processes to save on HR costs.”

The system enables the provision of payslips and P60s digitally, as opposed to paper copies, as well as giving employees the power to perform more of their own HR admin tasks, including:

  • Access to an employee planner, giving staff the ability to input their own availability to work
  • The option to request changes to actual worked hours
  • An intuitive messaging service between employees; HR, groups and individuals
  • The ability to request and/or swap shifts.

Stuart continues: “It’s these features that make the solution distinctive from alternative solutions in the market. Ultimately this has saved managers and the HR team more than 27 days worth of time annually – 63 hours on processing holiday requests, 42 hours on absence enquiries and 100 hours amending personal details each year. This is a huge benefit because it gives managers and the HR team time to concentrate their efforts on higher level strategic issues, such as training, policy management and recruitment.”

The self-service HR system was developed to easily integrate into existing systems that Yearsley was already using – Mitrefinch’s Time Management System and Payroll Solution Flexipay. The installation of the new self-service HR system required just one day of configuration and training.

The TMS 8 upgrade, implemented at the start of 2017, has enabled further flexibility for all staff. The function of remote access means the system can be used anywhere, meaning home workers and those working out on the road have full access.

Stuart adds: “The fully responsive design, which can be used across a range of devices, including smart phones and tablets as well as remote access, means that more of our employees are able to make use of the system. Many of our employees aren’t office based, so this has been an enormous benefit. We noticed that the majority of staff use the system on their mobile devices, so the new TMS 8 upgrade means that an additional 700 members of staff are likely to use the system following the upgrade, thus saving additional time on HR enquiries in the future.

“Another huge benefit is the function of automated reporting for managers to assess absence records, for instance, enabling managers to save further time on creating and populating reports and spend more time on their daily duties.”

The TMS 8 system required a three-day installation, which was handled by Mitrefinch, and, due to the simplicity in use of the system, additional set-ups were managed internally. In addition, no further training was required due to the similarity of the previous system. Mitrefinch carried out much of the TMS 8 upgrade externally offsite, without any effect on Yearsley’s existing system, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the client.


  • Yearsley is now fully paperless in terms of e-slips and P60s, as of January 2017
  • This has resulted in an annual saving on paper payslips of £3,645.32
  • Yearsley has calculated an annual saving of managers’ and HR staff’s time of more than 4,000 hours
  • This equates to a cost saving of nearly £10,000 per year
  • All employees now have the ability to manage their own holiday requests, check their absence record and change personal details if necessary
  • The system has saved managers a total of 37.3 days per year, which can be spent on essential tasks
  • Employees feel an increased sense of empowerment and autonomy, resulting in an improved working ethos and environment.

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