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Walkers Shortbread

With its distinctive tartan packaging and reputation for quality, Walkers Shortbread has been an independent family business for over 100 years, delivering shortbreads, oatcakes, biscuits, cakes and mincemeat pies under its mark of excellence

This iconic Scottish brand has worked with Mitrefinch for over a decade, using its Time and Attendance, and Payroll programmes. With 1,200 permanent staff – upping to 1,800 at peak times – over two factory sites, the size of the business meant that a software solution was required to properly manage the workforce.

Julie Grant, assistant HR manager at Walkers Shortbread, said: “For a long time at Walkers we used our own clock card system which required manual punching in and out at the start and end of the day. We desperately needed to modernise this and chose Mitrefinch’s TMS system because it was by far the most user friendly of all the systems we investigated; something which is vitally important when so many people will be using it – particularly seasonal workers who won’t have the benefit of system training.

“Our objectives were fairly simple: to modernise, to be more efficient and to go paperless. TMS allowed us to achieve all of those things through one system. What is so impressive about Mitrefinch is its dedication to development and this was a really big selling point for us. The software is being constantly updated and brought forward – to the point where it is practically a bespoke system built specially for us because we can so easily adjust it to mirror our needs.”

For Walkers Shortbread, some of the key benefits of using Mitrefinch’s TMS have been:

  • Halving the amount of time it took to do payroll
  • Having instant access to workforce movements, allowing managers to respond quickly to absence or lateness
  • Using the in-built time limits to ensure that staff do not breach acts such as the Working Time Directive
  • Making managing annual leave far simpler, with holidays booked sent straight to payroll
  • The vast reporting features, which are now used to inform policy and provide insight into the workforce demographic.

Julie added: “We have been with Mitrefinch for over a decade and – even though we get a lot of calls from other providers – would not consider switching. The software delivers everything we need it to and our account team are always there to help us maximise the insight from the statistics we can access. Mitrefinch’s TMS has revolutionised the way we manage time, attendance and payroll and we wouldn’t be without them.”

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