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University of Leicester

The University of Leicester was founded in 1921 and has developed into one of the country’s leading academic institutions.

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Cope with different work patterns
  • Offers flexibility to companies and organisations

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Eliminating paperwork

Staff at the University of Leicester were facing escalating amounts of paperwork due to managing between 500 and 700 members of staff across three different sites. With seasonal workers and changing shift patterns, it become clear a solution was needed that would make use of technology and reduce administrative time.

Moving online

The university opted for Mitrefinch’s web-based TMS system that would allow users to clock-in and clock-out without having to complete paper timesheets. This brought immediate benefits to staff and allowed managers to effectively oversee flexible working arrangements.

We used to operate a very paper-based system as you can imagine over three campuses to get that paper shifted around… bits going missing, staff forgetting to sign in etc. It really has consolidated the amount of paperwork flying round the organisation.”

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