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Luxfer Gas uses Mitrefinch’s TMS system to manage its time and attendance requirements in the UK. We caught up with Christine Thompson, Luxfer Gas’ Payroll Manager to find out how the system has benefited the company…

“We have just one UK Site and we employ 220 employees, all of whom use the system. Our business is the manufacture of aluminium cylinders for medical, diving, fire and beverage industry.

We went live on the system last May having chosen it because of its apparent ease of use and since then system has proved extremely successful. Each day we use the system to check overtime shift patterns and all the tasks traditionally associated with a small Payroll Department.

Having the system installed has cut our workload considerably, both for us and our employees. A prime example of this is the overtime sheets which were previously completed manually by employees but can now be downloaded from TMS and signed off by the manager concerned. The same is said for shift payment as reports can be printed showing exactly what shifts have been worked and the information transferred directly into the payroll system. There are all sorts of reports and statistics that can be downloaded from the system, to be honest it has cut our working time by half!

Benefits, well there are many… It is instantly possible to determine whether an employee is on or off site, whether they are good timekeepers, how many holidays they have left, details of sickness, fire drills, the list is endless.

My role as a Payroll Manager has changed considerably. Now that the system is up and running I can devote more time to ensuring the payroll is 100% accurate, I have one lady who works for me on a part time basis and she has taken to the system also. When contemplating which system to use this was a vital concern as I had to ensure that my staff would also find the system easy to use.

Training was on site, this was a bit of a rush job as the time frame for installation was tight but the trainer was really helpful and helped me set up everything. Since then the helpdesk has been absolutely magnificent, nothing is too much trouble for them.”

Christine Thompson
Payroll Manager

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