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Founded in 1890, A Forsyth & Son has grown into an international engineering, fabrication and construction company at the heart of Scottish industry.

  • Capable of handling multiple site data
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    Dealing with multi-site operations

    Forsyths Group was facing the challenges of having employees working across three different sites in Scotland – two bases in Buckie and one at Rothes. The company realised it needed to find a solution that would produce real-time information to accurately track staff movements. In addition, the number of shift patterns meant a system capable of handling constantly changing information was required.

    Mitrefinch engineers a solution

    Mitrefinch was able to provide a solution that would allow easy clocking-in at all of the sites. The use of the Time Management System (TMS) meant it was straightforward to keep accurate records of staff, hours worked and any changes in working times.

    Forsyths Group was impressed by how quickly workers and management took to the new solution and were particularly pleased how little training was needed before people felt confident using TMS.

    Ongoing expansion
    The Scottish firm is continuing to grow and develop, offering onshore and offshore products across a whole range of industries, including whisky and spirit distillation, paper production, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, biotechnology, offshore oil and gas, power and utilities.

    As part of this expansion, the company has continued to work with Mitrefinch and has added regular user group sessions. Designed to keep customers up-to-date with software developments, the user groups are a great way to identify how Mitrefinch can further help improve efficiency and productivity.

    As a result, Forsyths has worked with Mitrefinch after realising the use of Human Resources Manager would work well alongside TMS to help generate point in time reports such as pay levels and automated changes of employee details.

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