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Axminster Tools & Machinery

Axminster has more than 40 years experience in the tools and machinery industry and has expanded significantly in recent years offering great customer service in-store, by post and online.

  • TMS replaced outdated manual clock cards
  • Growing company supported by Mitrefinch solutions
  • Personalised system designed to meet specific company needs

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Looking to the future
Axminster Tools & Machinery was relying on manual clock cards to keep track of staff hours, but it was clear this was not a long-term solution for a firm that was enjoying a period of significant growth. Managers made the decision to switch to an innovative system that would allow real-time tracking, as well as improving processes companywide.

Immediate benefits
In 2003, Axminster selected Mitrefinch’s Time & Attendance system to effectively improve staff management and solve existing time and attendance monitoring problems.

Used on a daily basis, the system covers all of the company’s employees and has improved time management and absence control, as well as increasing security and staff safety across numerous sites.

Mitrefinch’s solution has also been personalised to meet the specific needs of Axminster and is linked directly to the company’s intranet site so employees can quickly review their own records and get in touch with HR if they are any issues.

Management satisfaction
Katina Styles, human resources director at Axminster, explained:
“Mitrefinch’s Time & Attendance system saves a great deal of time and produces accurate information at the touch of a button, rapidly reducing labour and administrative costs. The system allows managers to have a greater understanding of their teams and budget more accurately, ensuring higher quality HR management.
“The staff adjusted well to the new system and were well informed of how to use the new technology in training. The system is frequently updated and Mitrefinch’s helpdesk is extremely useful when personalising Time & Attendance to meet our particular needs.”

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