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Answer-4u has worked with Mitrefinch to boost staff productivity and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

  • Ability to handle large volumes of data
  • Allows time to be reinvested in client relations
  • Improves day-to-day efficiency for both staff and customers
  • Mitrefinch provide multiple solutions

Tackling complicated rotas

Providing a 24/7 365 call answering service, Answer-4u has a complicated staff rota to contend with and was looking for a solution to help reduce the time involved in planning resources.

After looking at a number of options available on the market, Answer-4u believed Mitrefinch would be able to provide a tailored solution to meet their needs.

The call service needed to ensure it had staff available at all times of the day, often with them working in 30-minute blocks. Using Mitrefinch’s rostering tool allowed Answer-4u to automate many processes and ensure working time regulations and contractual hours are being met. The company estimates the decision to make use of the innovative rostering solution has saved their Resources Planning team hours every week since.

Making use of multiple solutions

Mitrefinch then suggested a combination of the Time and Attendance and Human Resource solutions to help boost productivity further and increase the level of service provided to clients. Answer-4u believe the adoption of such products has had an overwhelming positive impact on the company.

“Mitrefinch rostering has allowed us to make strides forward in how we plan and staff our complex business needs. The automation of requirements, availability, agent skills, working time regulations and contractual hours has given us an estimated saving of between ten to 15 hours a week for our Resource Planning team.

“This time is hugely valuable to the business and over the last two years that we have worked with Mitrefinch, we have invested this wisely and to the benefit of our clients. Add to this the HR solutions provided and we have a suite of tools that have truly delivered value to our business.”

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