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Is Your Management Style Working for Your Business?

Published: June 26, 2017

As your business starts to develop, you will need more employees and procedures to keep things in order and to remain on track. This is also the point when you need to work on your management skills especially if you want to drive your company in a certain direction.

The bottom line is that businesses work well with well managed staff. If your employees know what is expected of them and what they need to do accomplish business goals, they will remain motivated. That is how their role in the company can be established.

So is your management style hurting or improving your business and staff? The following are some common styles that you might be using:

Coercive or forceful

As the name implies this management style uses a forceful method to snap employees to attention. If you are this type of manager, then chances are you have a harsh tone that does not encourage arguments. Your word is law but while this management style can work wonders in a crisis, it is not a productive long term leadership strategy.

Authoritative but inspirational

Not to be confused with the coercive style, this management strategy focuses on long term leadership effectiveness. It focuses on the vision of the leader rather than short term rewards and is very effective in making employees believe in long term success via short term gains. In other words, by making them understand where the business needs to be, authoritative leaders can convince them to remain on board.

Encouraging or Harmonizing

Managers who use this leadership style are focused on creating harmony between employees and themselves. To this end they give feedback regularly and create a work environment that thrives on honesty and loyalty. However, while this management style is excellent when it comes to increase morale, it can backfire if it gives too much leeway to staff. Some managers who lead like this can turn a blind eye to poor performance to avoid ripples so to speak.

Mentoring and coaching

This approach is based on the professional growth of employees along with their emotional growth. Leaders who adopt this management style are more popular compared to others who just want quick results. It is quite similar to the authoritative style of management in that it also focuses on long term planning and results.

What you can do to be a better manager

Irrespective of the management style you prefer, you have to accept the fact that your employees are only human and are bound to make mistakes. Your job is to make sure they come back from such setbacks without feeling guilty. Most mistakes can be fixed easily but bringing a demotivated employee back from the brink is more challenging.

In order to make this easier to manage, you should get work management systems installed. These can give you a bird’s eye view on employee performance and prevent you from making harsh or uninformed judgements which can bring down morale.

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