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Top Tips For Supercharging Productivity

Published: February 16, 2016

Following on from our popular, recently published blog post titled, 56 days, in which we highlighted recent studies showing that 56 days is the length of time it takes for employee motivation and productivity to drop after a holiday, this Mitrefinch blog provides some helpful tips and tricks for boosting energy and productivity (and perhaps extending those 56 days!).

Step away from the screen. It’s fairly well documented that gazing at a screen (computers, tablets, smartphones, television etc) for too long can give you tired, red eyes, and even headaches and muscle tension. Shockingly, research shared by Quartz shows that Americans spend an average 7 hours, 24 minutes per day looking at a screen. Canadians fare only slightly better, spending just over 6 hours, 15 minutes per day looking at screens.

Take it easy. Feeling tired and unproductive? It might be time to take a mini break to rejuvenate! Studies suggest that certain forms of meditation, particularly those that incorporate deep breathing and music to promote relaxation, have power to refresh and revive tired workers. And while it might not be possible to completely relax at work, taking a small break can work wonders.

Switch it up. During the course of a working day, or week, it is normal to occasionally feel overwhelmed by a large task. Workers and supervisors may even find that productivity levels drop, and time is passing without any real work being done. Clearing the mind by briefly switching to a different job or task you need to do can provide an opportunity for your mind to snap back to operating 100 per cent.

Eat well, move your body, and have fun. Much like a stool standing on three legs, food, fitness and fun are three essential pillars for a productive and healthy workplace. That’s because if one of the three ‘legs’ is weak or somehow lacking, the stool will likely fall down. Many workplaces encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees with specially tailored programs for this very reason.

Vacation time. With the average Canadian employee availing just two weeks of paid leave per year, many of us are, understandably, rather stingy with using up that precious vacation time. But not taking an occasional vacation period can leave staff feeling burnt out. Sometimes just a single day spent lazing about on the sofa can revive and refresh, and have the added benefit of reducing sick leave and absenteeism.

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