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Managing risk, people, costs and productivity in Industry 4.0

Published: January 9, 2019

Often referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Industry 4.0 will change the way that Manufacturing organizations operate. With automation of systems and processes, and accelerated data exchange within manufacturing technologies, Industry 4.0 carries huge expectations for improved operational efficiencies and productivity. It requires business to start thinking about the smart technologies they can use to manage risk, people, costs and productivity to remain competitive. 


Managing risk, people, costs and productivity in Industry 4.0 


Manual and disparate systems compromise efficiencies and productivity. While others are embracing the use of technology to support performance, businesses that refuse to change may be left behind. 

Workforce management is a key area of focus for driving operational efficiency and cost reduction, enabling businesses to: 

  • Maximize workforce productivity 
  • Control labour costs 
  • Accurately manage and pay employees 
  • Ensure compliance 
  • Drive employee engagement 
  • Secure the business. 


Deploying smart technologies  


Industry 4.0 puts businesses of all shapes and sizes under pressure to drive operational efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce costs.HR departments have a big role to play in this process, translating management decisions into actionable, well-communicated plans. 

And when it comes to managing the workforce, Industry 4.0 will drive even more need to incorporate integrated workforce management solutions that mobilize workforces effectively: 


Time & Attendance systems – Having full visibility and managing your work- force in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve profit and productivity, helping you remain competitive in an Industry 4.0 world. 

Payroll integration – The ability to run a fast, accurate and compliant payroll is essential when the pace of business and complexity of working patterns is accelerating. 

HR Management software – People are the most expensive and important asset in a business. You need to be able to easily manage HR administration and absence and provide accurate employee records. 

Access Control – The security of sites and personnel is essential. With valuable assets aplenty, you will need to rest assured that your people and premises are secure and protected. 


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