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Getting ‘in the zone’

Published: January 6, 2016

Employers should be doing more to enhance the well being and happiness of their employees, according to new findings, as employees are dissatisfied with their working environment.

A recently published Steelcase study found that barely over half of employees questioned in a survey felt that their working environment made them feel calm and relaxed, with the remaining half feeling less than pleased. Further, the study revealed that only half of employees felt able to work in teams without being disturbed or interrupted. Another surprising finding was that almost half of those polled felt the space they had to work in was not conducive to mindfulness and relaxation.

While it might seem a little far-fetched to expect employees in some workplaces to consistently be feeling ‘zen’ and ‘in the zone’ at work, the findings of this survey are still ringing alarm bells for management in terms of productivity.

Time and again, there is fresh anecdotal evidence to bang home the message that employees’ comfort is critical to boosting productivity and thus bringing competitive advantage. Further, workers need supportive environments which give them the ability to focus and manage stress.

In fact, a separate study found that the average person loses almost an hour and a half every day due to the inability to focus in a noisy environment.

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Using that information, managers can then begin to tackle the underlying factors for declines in productivity, such as a poor work environment as the above study suggests.

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