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4 Ways to Lower Stress at Work

Published: November 6, 2017

You start with the morning traffic, endure those countless meetings and after a long, tiring day at work, you meet the traffic on the way back home! To be precise, the workplace routine nowadays is associated with anxiety and stress.

While a little bit stress at work can be considered normal, excessive amount of stress can meddle with your performance and productivity, impacting your emotional and physical health and affecting your personal life and relationships. To your surprise, this stress can also be the primary reason behind your job failure and your sleepless nights!

Even though it’s true that you cannot control the work environment all the time, but that doesn’t make you absolutely powerless. Regardless of the challenges faced at the workplace, there are some strategies which can improve your well-being and job satisfaction.

To assist you with that, here are4 proven practices that help minimize the damaging effects of workplace stress.

Reach out to beat the workplace stress

From a psychological point of view, sharing the stress with friends and family can work as a great stress reliever. This act of sharing stress, especially in person, is a proven practice to blow off the steam and  regain your senses. Here is the list of things that will help you in sharing your work stress comfortably:

  • Turn to work groups or co-workers for support
  • Lean on your family members and friends
  • Create more satisfying relationships

Improve your physical well being to support mental health

Majority of people lead busy lives and therefore, neglect their diet and exercise plan. But your exercise and diet is exactly what makes you resilient towards stress. Here we are not referring to complete lifestyle overhaul, but just some simple practices that can lift your energy significantly and put you back into the driver’s seat.

Here is what you need to start working on:

  • Maintain a regular exercise plan
  • Make stress-busting and smart food choices
  • Avoid excessive nicotine
  • Boost your mood by incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

Breaking off the stressful habits

Your behavior and way of thinking make the whole difference in your life. This can make you the happiest person as well as the most devastated. So, if you know how to turn around such self-destructive habits, you can easily cope with the work-imposed stress. Here is how you can do it effectively:

  • Stop being a perfectionist
  • Get rid of your disruptive negative thoughts
  • Find humor in workplace situations
  • Stop controlling the uncontrollable aspects of job

Organize and prioritize your work

When you work stress is taking over your mood, mind, and body, you are most threatened to get overwhelmed by it. Therefore, here are some practical steps that would help you work around the stress.

  • Create a balanced work-life schedule
  • Wake up early and don’t let the stress take over you by reaching late to work
  • Take regular breaks
  • Stop over-committing and doing too much work in a day.

While all of these ways are effective to stay calm, another important factor in reducing the work-related stress is to make the most of your time and keep track of things by using attendance software such as the one offered by Mitrefinch.

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