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Why Businesses Should Focus on Recruiting Remote Workers.

Published: January 26, 2017

The tech-driven overhaul of workplaces worldwide has made it convenient for the organizations to allow a certain extent of flexibility of in their job designs. As the entire office spaces move over to cloud-based empires, it has become for the managers as well as the employees to work from anywhere outside the office premises.

Since showing up at the office every morning in person is no more a necessity, various organizations have allowed telecommuting or work-from-home flexibility to their on-premise employees. Moreover, it has also enabled the employers to recruit remote working employees from across the globe.

Why Hire Remote Workers?

Here are some of the reasons why organizations should consider hiring more telecommuting employees and extend their workforce.

  • Recruiting telecommuting employees will allow you to acquire talent from across the globe.
  • You will foster a workforce that is self-motivated and more responsible and with an ability to initiate and take care of the job on their own.
  • Remote working teams operate in different time zones, assuring an on-going and round-the-clock productivity.
  • Telecommuting allows the employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and manage their leaves and absences in a more efficient way. Since remote working allows the employees to work at their convenience, this eventually reduces unplanned absenteeism.
  • Remote working employees, if handled efficiently are less likely to switch over to another job. This allows the organization to retain the talent, establish a loyal and dedicated workforce and reduce turnover.
  • Remote working teams enable the organization to reduce expenditure and save resources. The organization won’t need to spend on setting up or expanding premises, provide supplies and essential workplace utilities.

Managing Remote Working Teams

Here are few things you need to take care of while recruiting remote working employees.

Conduct video interviews for a virtual face-to-face interaction. This will help you with a better assessment of their personality and how they can be beneficial for your organization.

Be specific with the job design and employee’s responsibilities.

Test the candidate on multiple parameters through online tests and assessment for their strengths and capabilities. This will help you identify whether or not they are the right candidate for the job.

As you upgrade and expand your workforce by welcoming more telecommuting employees onboard, you will also need to upgrade your conventional patterns of operations and workforce management.

Aside from managing the on-premise teams, the managers will have to watch out for the performance of remote working employees and the status and progress of the tasks assigned to them. Furthermore, they will also have to look after the essential managerial functions such as the attendance and work hour recording, regular productivity, over time hour and payroll generation.

A manual handling of this extensive host of tasks will be prone to a high probability of human errors. Therefore, for more efficient management and administration, organizations will need to incorporate smart and automated workforce management systems in their management designs.

The tech-based workforce management system such as a time and attendance system efficiently controls a host of regular managerial functions and ensures a smooth, automated and error-free flow of procedures.

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