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Unhappy with your job? 47% said yes.

Published: May 3, 2016

A recent survey by recruitment firm Hays Canada confirmed that 47% of Canadian professionals were unhappy in their job.

The number one reason why those unhappy workers stay put? Money.

Most of the people surveyed believe that that the workplace culture and team must work for both the employee and employer in order to keep productivity levels and team morale up. Workplace fit is vital for organizations in order to keep turnover low and employee satisfaction high. Most people do not intend to be unhappy at work but they don’t put workplace fit in their evaluation when choosing a job. The top three components people look at when choosing a job are salary, benefits, and holiday time.

Corporate culture and social interaction are not typically deciding factors when weighing the offers. Should employers do more to make sure they are hiring the right fit for their team?

The recruitment process is long enough, without adding a team lunch to assess whether or not potential recruits will be well suited for the environment. Asking certain questions during the interview process can help determine whether they will fit in with the culture.

If you have mainly independent workers that do not socialize at lunch or plan company outings in their off time, make that be known in the interview process. If the corporate culture is very team oriented with lots of lunches, and team building events – that may not suit certain personalities as well.

The key is to remain honest in the recruitment process to try and get the best fitted candidates for your organization. It is up to the potential employees as well to stay true to themselves and make sure they select the position based on the overall fit and not just the paycheck.

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