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Beat The Seasonal Blues with these Morale-Boosting Tips

Published: October 25, 2016

Fall and winter brings with itself dwindling bank balances, work-blues, winter illnesses, runny noses, congested heads and the desire to hibernate throughout the winter. Most managers suffer from a workforce that is too de-motivated to work productively and most of them watch helplessly while their productivity quotient plummets during the season.

Loss in motivation and low morale are two of the dominant reasons behind low cooperation at the workplace and the increase in turnover, all of which can have a disastrous effect on the future of your business. Effective managers will keep a close eye on their teams in order to boost morale through effective and simple solutions and to strengthen and keep their employees happy. In the name of productivity and time management, managers should take certain steps to ensure that the employees are happy, content and satisfied to work for your organization.

Here are key tactics that can boost workplace morals and increase productivity while suffering from the winter blues;

Endorse and Acknowledge Achievements

It’s imperative to recognize the achievements of your employees when they excel at their tasks. If the employees feel that their efforts are being recognized and endorsed by the management, they are more likely to repeat their desire to excel in the future and to surpass their current achievement. Although extrinsic and tangible awards do work splendidly well, high-performing members of your team also covet intrinsic rewards. Rewards are the best way to leave a lasting reminder on their minds that their work is valued and recognized. Moreover, a periodical reflection of achievements is a good away to summarize the efforts of top-performing employees that will help them reflect how much they have achieved in detail. This is a great denominator of a renewed sense of motivation and purposefulness.

Work-Life Balance

Winter can seem like a long time and most employees don’t have much to look forward to. It’s vital to boost the morale of the workplace by introducing certain non-work related activities and events or to give the employees ample time to pursue their own interests in the free time. Don’t expect them to work extra hours in the winter and as a manager, encourage them to manage an optimal work-life balance and to productively use their free time. Flexible working hours can be made possible with an efficient time and attendance software. Telecommuting, remote working options and childcare services are some of the things that will help the staff take the opportunity to spend some time with their friends and family. Managers should also encourage their employees to take short holidays or vacations and to return to work feeling refreshed and with a renewed spirit.

Additional Employee Benefits Always Work

Offering your employees extra benefits in the winter season can result in a great start for the next year. You don’t have to do much. Offer them a free spa day, a massage or a coupon at a trendy food spot in your city. Have some fresh fruits delivered to your office or change the interior a little. A little bit goes a long away in boosting the mortal of your workforce. Small efforts on your part can beat the winter blues. If you want an impersonal and customized approach for employees, offer them a small allowance that they can spend on anything health related and let them choose. This will also help employees lead a healthy life and in turn, reducing the days they call in sick.

These steps require little effort on your part and it won’t cost your organization much. Keep your employees happy and content and they will move heaven and earth to work mindlessly in order to achieve their targets and to ensure the success of your organization.

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