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The sky’s the limit when it comes to cloud solutions. The space you need – and what you need it for – we can make it happen.

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It’s about how you work

Cloud is about the way you work, not just where or when. If you’re looking for a convenient, secure and simple way to share data across multiple sites – or even countries and time zones – then a cloud-based solution will check all your boxes.

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Cloud’s perfect if you’re looking for secure data storage with a low cost and no IT infrastructure requirement. It’s simple, with no installation required – meaning no more sleepless nights for your IT manager!

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“There are so many benefits to using cloud computing that it’s no surprise that so many businesses have fully embraced the cloud.”

Safe and secure

You’ll have access to a world class platform – Microsoft Azure – to give you the most technologically capable cloud server which is exceedingly safe and PIPEDA compliant.

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You can use our cloud-based Time and Attendance solution to effectively manage your workforce: easily making sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time. With in-house cloud specialists making regular system upgrades, we offer the pinnacle of cloud-based HR software.

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You know what they say. Make Mitrefinch your silver lining.