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Time and attendance system

Effectively manage your team’s working time using industry-leading time and attendance software

  • Calculates employees hours and overtime
  • Highlights any lateness and absence trends
  • Limitless reporting
  • Customized dashboards

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This is Time and Attendance made easy

With limitless insight and reporting, this inspiring solution empowers you to actively take charge of the countless elements that combine to affect productivity. Software so reliable you can set your watch by it.

Available as card readers, web-based for mobile workers or biometric time and attendance terminals, our solutions are tailored to meet your requirements.

Getting the most from your time and attendance solution

Our tailored time and attendance software meets your needs. Complex shift patterns? Mobile workers? Too long planning and approving timesheets? We can help.

With custom reporting and a user-friendly design, our time and attendance systems are built to meet your needs, making our solution a world-leader in HR support.

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With an effective Time and Attendance software, you could:

Boost your profits
by putting the spotlight on productivity

Empower employees
to manage their own hours

Plan for and manage absences
with minimal impact on your time

Save time
by automating attendance processes

Stay compliant
thanks to inbuilt flagging systems

See accurate, real-time reports
out-of-the-box and tailored reporting

Understanding what ROI a time and attendance system can provide

More than just clocking-in. We know your time and attendance solution needs to positively and financially benefit your organisation.

HR departments save time. Employees are equipped with control over their working lives. Managers get quick and in-depth reports, in an instant.

A view of your staff’s time and attendance can provide savings and increase your workforce productivity. If just 6 staff on $10 per hour are incorrectly paid for three hours per week each, this would equate to a $9,360 per annum over payment.

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Don’t take our word for it, meet some of our customers already using a time and attendance solution

Great software to use! Straight forward, easy and comprehensive. I love having a complete employees work file at my fingertips, with the ability to create accurate detailed reports using just one program. It’s an HR’s dream.Central Precast

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Empower your teams with integrated Time and Attendance, HR and Payroll solutions