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Time & attendance

This is Time and Attendance made easy. With limitless insight and reporting, this inspiring solution empowers you to actively take charge of the countless elements that combine to affect productivity. Software so reliable you can set your watch by it.

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Effortlessly monitor employee movements and share data with existing payroll, HR systems and more.

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Create workforce management reports into key issues impacting your productivity in a format that suits you.

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Highlight areas where you can improve and alter staff processes to enable change.

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Time & Attendance

Tailored systems with biometric time and attendance options, bespoke reporting and user-friendly design combine to make our Time and Attendance software a world-leader in HR support. Inspire your team to tackle staff time and attendance head on; giving employees autonomy over their hours (and HR and scheduling teams more time back in their day) helps create an empowered, productive workforce.

With an effective Time and Attendance system, you could:

  • Boost your profits by putting the spotlight on productivity
  • Plan for and manage staff absences with minimal impact on your time
  • Save time by automating attendance processes
  • Be sure you never fall foul of compliance regulations, thanks to inbuilt flagging systems
  • See accurate, real-time reports


We’ve built our software around you – we’ve considered every element of usability and functionality so that you can enjoy the best experience. Read more

Making the most of your time and attendance system

We want to save you time. As well as monitoring employees’ working times, the system collects attendance information which you can analyse to find better ways to increase productivity – not to mention, reducing administration costs and time.

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance management system (TMS) is fully customisable and offers a wide range of functions and reports, ensuring that it operates the way you need it to.

Benefit from a range of features to provide faster analysis and workforce insights:

Access from anywhere
Your team and employees can access the time and attendance software through desktop, mobile or tablet

Employee self-service
Allow your staff to manage their own vacation requests, allowance and attendance exceptions

Plan work patterns
Review, edit and approve employee working hours in real-time

Biometric time and attendance
Eliminate “buddy punching”, providing you accurate time and attendance records

Time Allocation
Allocate individual’s worked hours to various departments, jobs, tasks and projects for in-depth reporting

Automated workflows
Set up automated workflows for return to work procedures, sending emails and paperwork when they return

Payroll integration
Reduce any costly and time consuming payroll errors by integrating into your existing payroll software

Advanced reports
Create custom reports that can be exported, printed or scheduled to be sent at designated dates, time and days

Don't waste time

Empower your teams with integrated Time and Attendance and HR solutions