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Payroll integrated Time and Attendance

This is payroll management made simple. Integrated time and attendance software with leading payroll providers

  • Increase payroll efficiency
  • Pay staff based on working hours
  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Calculates overtime

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Taking the pain out of payroll

For centuries, employers have needed to track their workers’ attendance for payroll purposes. The invention of the mechanical clock made this a little easier. Then traditional hole-punch clocking-in cards took things a stage further.

But modern time and attendance software takes things to an entirely new level. Packed with features designed to save time and resources, they’ve revolutionized the way the modern workforce runs and improved the accuracy of payroll.

Run an accurate payroll time after time

An electronic time and attendance system collects reams of data about an organization’s time and attendance practices. Through it, employers can learn exactly when employees are late or absent, and they’ll know the extent of the problem, too. When employees are going to be absent, they can record their vacation time on a unified system.

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By integrating a time and attendance solution into your payroll software you can achieve:

Eliminate payroll errors
using built-in calculations for vacation, over-time and sick pay

Quicker reporting
with automatic payroll reports to your payroll provider

Find records quicker
document filters to help you find what you are looking for quickly

Simplicity for employees
no need to spend time filling in forms or approving timesheets

Accurate cost analysis
a more accurate picture of overall costs, and less time identifying and correcting payroll errors

Lightens administration
no need to spend hours poring over figures; the data is collated automatically

Save more with an integrated payroll solution

On average, companies get back $7.88 for every dollar invested* using workforce management software. The savings are calculated by companies reporting reduced payroll errors, increased productivity, and avoided excess paid time off.


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Which payroll software do we integrate with?

Mitrefinch have a dedicated team that can help with integrating your time and attendance solution with your existing payroll software.

We work with a number of leading payroll providers in Canada – but if your provider isn’t here – don’t worry! Get in touch and we’ll get our implementers to work with you.

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