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Access Control

Stay secure. Check in. Check out. See precisely who’s where and when.

  • Secure premises
  • Control access to areas of your business
  • Report easily who's onsite

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What type of access is right for my business?

Our turnstile and barrier range is designed and manufactured exclusively for Mitrefinch, to meet exacting quality and safety standards. Because we supply all of our turnstiles and barriers directly and install them on your site, we can deliver uncompromising quality at reasonable prices.

Complete control, secure access

We offer all the elements you need for a complete access control system with the convenience of installation, billing and maintenance from a single point of supply providing you:

  • Increased security - secure your employees, premises, and assets
  • Individual rules - place restrictions on any control point, allowing or prohibiting selected staff access during various hours
  • Real-time monitoring - manage the movement of contractors, visitors, and employees through your premises in real time
  • Stay compliant - provides an audit log and archive on the movements of everyone in the building

Range of access control hardware

Our access control units cater for your various entry and exit points you many have across your premise. Our consultants get to know your requirements and suggest the most suitable hardware.

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