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How to choose time and attendance software for your manufacturing business

Published: January 19, 2018

Efficient use of human resources is important in any industry, although some sectors stand to gain more than others from proper deployment of their personnel. Manufacturing industry is relatively labour intensive, and businesses in this field can greatly suffer from inadequate task scheduling procedures. For this reason, they are among the biggest beneficiaries of modern time and attendance solutions, and should strongly consider implementing professional software for this purpose.

The only question is – which attendance tracking system to use. There are numerous providers in the Canadian market offering similar software products, putting some manufacturing business owners into a quandary. While such software generally doesn’t require a huge investment, choosing a wrong product can set the company back for months and delay much needed reorganization of the production process. To complicate the matters further, different organizations have unique needs and may prefer different software packages that best fit their structure and objectives.
Here are a few factors that deserve consideration when you are choosing new attendance tracking system for your manufacturing firm:

Track record

There is no need for experimentation in this regard, since leading time clock software solutions have been used extensively both in Canada and abroad with great results. Before you make the final decision, you should seek out some user reviews or read a few HR blogs where effectiveness of top HR solutions is discussed in detail.


In an increasingly competitive market, companies have to save where they can. However, getting the cheapest employee management system you can find is probably a bad idea. Costs of deployment have to be analyzed against total labour costs, accounting for improvements the system will produce over the span of several years.

Date of release

It goes without saying that you should target a latest-generation software package, but you shouldn’t be too focused on the novelty factor. Most time and attendance solutions are regularly updated, giving you access to cutting-edge features. In that situation, choosing a well-tested product that’s been around for a while could make more sense.

Cloud-based or not

A great advantage of cloud-based mobile time and attendance technologies is that you only need a smartphone to utilize key functionalities. ‘Thin’ architecture on the client side greatly decreases the price of deployment and simplifies everyday use, reducing the need for training. That’s why hosted solutions should be prioritized over locally installed versions.

Advanced features

Any manufacturing company can benefit from stricter access control to its facilities or better scheduling of operational tasks. However, more complex systems demand more powerful software solutions. If your manufacturing process involves multiple phases and a lot of sensitive operations, you are well justified to seek a better employee tracking system.

Ongoing support

Some solution providers end their commitment right after installation, while others continue to perform periodic or emergency maintenance for as long as the solution remains in use. Naturally, smart clients gravitate towards the second group and try to secure long-term contracts that ensure continued support at friendly prices. There is a lot of additional value in a contract of this kind.

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